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Who we are

Spirocco is a company developing digital healthcare solutions. Our goal is to provide patients and physicians with tools that support the therapy of respiratory diseases, have a proven track record in clinical practice and significant potential in the field of telehealth. 

A medical condition or disease usually has several root causes behind, and it is not enough to monitor a single parameter during the treatment. Healing and health preservation is always a complex process, so we decided to use a holistic approach and to design systems gathering and evaluating data from several sources of information.

Many wellness-related devices (blood pressure monitor, scale, activity tracker) are already common in households nowadays, but they are rarely able to support patients' therapy and predict the changes in their condition. Many people use weather forecasts or pollen reports since they have already learned empirically that environmental factors affect their health condition.

The Spirocco system integrates the measurement results from medical devices and data from smart devices and databases, and uses them to create an efficient system revealing patient-specific trends and correlations.

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