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Point of Care Terminal

well-being terminal

By using the terminal, the user can learn and understand the impact of their lifestyle and environment on their current condition, thus supporting the development of a health-conscious approach and the timely detection of potential risk factors.


Spirocco offers a complex solution to support the transformation into the digital space. With the help of our patient monitoring solution and connected tools you can monitor the development of your patients' therapy and key health parameters.

Open Space Office

The Spirocco Point of Care Terminal offers the most efficient solution to support the employee's health goals at all levels of the organization at the lowest cost! Spirocco is able to objectively determine and monitor the actual mental and physical condition of the employees.

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The Spirocco system integrates the most important  monitoring tools that allow the patients to monitor their health condition independently at home.

Health point


desktop health point

for home care, corporate care, public screening, retirement homes

A felhasználók az Egészségpont használata után ingyenesen letölthető mobil applikációjukban követhetik nyomon eredményeiket, az orvosok/egészségügyi szolgáltatók pedig zárt webes felületükön

What do we offer you?

closed community

user health diary

online consultation, chat, file sharing

consultation notes

generating and sending examination report

medicine intake reminder

personalized therapy

user-friendly measurement interface

editing/sending questionnaires

POC Terminal


What is included?
Pulse oximetry, Lung monitor, ECG, Blood pressure measurement, Blood glucose measurement, Non-contact thermometer, Stethoscope, Body composition monitor, Hearing control, COVID questionnaire, GINA test, Mental hygiene questionnaires

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POC Terminal


What is included?
Pulse oximetry, Lung monitor, Blood pressure measurement, Blood glucose measurements, Non-contact thermometer, Body composition monitor, COVID questionnaire, GINA test, Mental hygiene questionnaires

Spirocco is not a healthcare provider and does not provide medical advice. The Application is not intended to provide or substitute medical advice or to serve diagnostic purposes that should be relied upon.

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