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Healthcare providers

The COVID-19 virus quickly rearranged health care priorities. It is no longer a question today that the doctor-patient relationship cannot be realized solely through a personal encounter.

Spirocco offers a complex solution for healthcare service providers to support their transformation into the digital space. With the help of our patient monitoring solution and connected tools you can monitor the development of your patients' therapy and key health parameters even after they are discharged from the hospital or clinic.

spirocco healthcare program


The Spirocco system integrates the most important diagnostic and monitoring tools that allow the patients to monitor their condition independently, in their own home.


With our built-in video chat and patient management solution your patients can have regular or ad hoc consultations with you, healthcare specialists or caregivers involved in their care.


You can track the therapy and records of your patients via the Spirocco web interface, or by direct integration into your own EMR (electronic medical record) system via our API.

spirocco telehealth platform
videochat in spirocco application

Provide personalized care to your patients

spirocco healthcare ecosystem

Areas of application


Care of chronic diseases 

Continuous patient monitoring for patients being chronically ill for at least 3 months with a focus on tailoring, implementation, review and monitoring of personalized care plan. It is highly recommended when:


there is a high probability that the patient will need hospital treatment due to his / her current condition or medical history


there is a possibility of at least 2 events per year when the risk of developing acute exacerbations and / or disfunction is increased


the setting of appropriate therapy requires the development of a patient-specific, comprehensive care plan (e.g. frequent changes in drug therapy, development of complex treatment for comorbidities)

tárolás és feldolgozás

Remote monitoring

There is a growing need to monitor patients' physiological parameters outside the clinics, both on the patient side and at providers. The use of a remote monitoring system can release resources that can be used to treat more challenging patients.

With appropriate tools the reduction of face-to-face consultations increases cost-effectively without compromising patient safety. In addition, it allows for more frequent physician-patient interactions, which, for the right target group, can improve communication efficiency and outcome of the therapy. Monitoring of the patient's therapy and condition and regular interactive communication are especially recommended in the following cases:


design of therapies for new patients, in order to evaluate the efficacy of drug therapy


patient education, in order to achieve adequate adherence

Asthma, COPD, CF

With the Spirocco solution, you can use your own subcontracted service providers and a single system to offer personalized care for wellness-focused clients and patients with chronic illnesses.

A significant amount of people with respiratory disease (asthma, COPD) have relatively mild or rare symptoms only. Nevertheless, their disease has a significant negative impact on their quality of life. They usually avoid physical activities (playing sports or going outdoors), and they are afraid of possible deterioration. However, they can control their own illness proactively if someone supports them in this.

With our services your customers can:


get to know the reasons behind the changes in their condition (degree of physical activity, environmental factors)


track changes in their status on a timeline


access unique, customized services in our application that could help them shape their desired lifestyle 

In addition, Spirocco services are flexibly scalable and easy to customize to meet your customers' needs.


Mobile application

Personalized Spirocco application for users.

Spirocco telehealth  mobile application
  • connects to the medical devices of Spirocco and to the devices included in the Spirocco Point of Care Terminal

  • stores the data measured by the devices that can be reviewed on the WEB server when uploaded to the cloud

  • allows to trace and analyze the health status of the user

  • could include telemedicine services, remote patient monitoring, video chat function


Point of care terminal with tablet and application

Multi-user Spirocco Point of care Terminal for community or professional use.

  • mobile measurement toolkit with data storage, export and reporting features

  • possibility of regular screening of physiological parameters

  • secure - login with your own password  

  • built-in instructions for use to achieve correct measurements

  • Bluetooth connection between the devices

  • care for the elderly - at home or at healthcare facilities

Spirocco point of care terminal


Web server

Healthcare providers platform.

  • web based solution to monitor the health condition of registered users  

  • preparation of health status reports

  • remote patient monitoring

  • schedule online visits, video calls

  • organize and share wellbeing programs with users

Spirocco webserver telehealth platform
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