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The Spirocco Point of Care Terminal offers the most efficient solution to support the employee's health goals at all levels of the organization at the lowest cost!

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The employees' physical and mental health has a significant impact on their performance, productivity, and thus on the profitability of the company. Numerous studies have shown that employees are more loyal, creative, productive and happier in an environment where, in addition to financial rewards, their employer is also concerned about improving their general well-being and quality of life.

The SPIROCCO Point of Care Terminal has been developed to support companies' efforts in maintaining the physical and mental health of their employees.​

The Spirocco solution is capable of objective determination and monitoring of the actual mental and physical condition of the employees.

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The involvement of employees to monitor their own health status significantly improves their preventive, proactive approach, shapes and supports their well-being goals. A worker in better physical and mental health will perform better!

Every member of the team appreciates employer's support in maintaining and improving their health. A personalized screening program contributes to the company’s branding goals, reduces resignations, and can result in significant cost savings!

Due to its low cost and ease of use, the Spirocco Health Point can be made equally available at all levels of the organization, unlike manager screening, which is usually only available to a limited group of employees.  A uniform benefit for all employees strengthens employees' loyalty to the company! 

By using the terminal, the user can learn and understand the impact of their lifestyle and environment on their current condition, thus supporting the development of a health-conscious approach and the timely detection of potential risk factors.

SPIROCCO Health Point allows you to collect, display and transmit data from supported devices. These tools can be medical and fitness tools or other tools to support a healthy lifestyle. Company employees can anonymously log in to the Community Health Point using their own phone app and use the devices to take measurements, which they can upload and track changes in their own values.

An integral part of the app is a patient management interface, where different health care providers, lifestyle coaches, personal trainers, psychologists can create their own pages within the app. Users can access a full range of digital services to support a healthy lifestyle, participate in preventive programmes, health screenings, consult mental health professionals, and patronage.

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