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and low volume production

Do you want to materialize your idea or develop a working prototype and transform it into a marketable product? Are you looking for a team that takes over the entire development, from the concept through the design of the enclosure, hardware and software to the prototypes, production of a small series, and the preparation of the complete design documentation? Are you afraid of early investing in injection molding, but rather would like to try the marketability of your product on a small series first?

Follow our development and manufacturing steps and contact us if you want us to step into your product development process. Fill out the assessment form to provide a better understanding of your needs, or contact us directly, if you have questions.

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Development of medical devices

Needs Assessment - Quotation


The goal of our design team is to create products for our customers that meet the needs of the market in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

During an initial consultation, we assess the customer’s needs, outline the requirements, and learn about the complexity of the design task.

spirocco-inhale-medical device

Research - Requirements


As a first step, we perform a thorough collection of information to discover the roots of the project and the market, and to outline the possibilities.

The research is followed by a detailed discussion and determination of the requirements. These requirements will guide and define the process of design, from the first step to the last. In the first phase of planning the most important thing is to formulate, together with the customer, the result to be achieved.



Design I - Development

In the first phase of the design, we create concepts for both the external appearance and the internal operation of the product. At this stage, we create drawn designs, simple 3D models, and breadboards. As an outcome, the main guidelines will be outlined, which will be taken to the second phase of the design.


In the second phase, we use 3D design software to build a detailed virtual model of the enclosure, internal components and electronics. As feedback,  tangible 3D printed models will also be made, tested and examined, and used as a basis for further development. At this stage, a great emphasis will be placed on functional, aesthetic and manufacturability aspects of the designed product. The internal structure and components will further be developed through tests and simulations, in order to achieve the optimal outcome. If needed, photorealistic visuals of the design will also be rendered.

Design II - Development


  • 3D design software (virtual model) and rendering

  • CFD and other simulation

  • Electronics hardware and software development

  • Test laboratory (eg calibration pump)

  • Construction of D model models / 3D printing (FDM, SLA, SLS)




In this phase, we produce the real and functional prototype of the product design. The fabrication of the outer casing is performed by 3D printing, vacuum casting, and other technologies. We also optimize the electronics hardware and software.

  • 3D printing (FDM, SLA, SLS)

  • Vacuum casting: High quality, cheap  and an essential tool for the small-scale production of form-fitting products. In the case of 5-1000 products it is the most cost-efficient solution, that is close to the quality of injection molded products.

  • Final design of electronics

flow meter, spirocco, áramlásmérő


What do we offer?

  • Complete and detailed documentation of the development steps: list of requirements, drawings and models, breadboard models

  • 3D virtual model: finished casing, internal components, and electronics

  • Visual designs

  • Technical drawings, wiring diagrams, printed circuit board designs

  • Prototype: realistic casing, electronics hardware, and software

  • Low volume production

  • Product documentation

  • Packaging and marketing materials

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